Training and Placement


We strive strenuously to foster among students belief in human values to improve their psychological competence to enable them to successfully handle challenges of contemporary world in every aspect, to develop life skills, to develop job talents, to arrange industry training, to help securing industry based project works, to offer guidance for higher studies, to develop and sustain industry institute interaction, to seek & facilitate suitable placement for students.

Student Development Programmes to be organized by Training and Placement Cell

·         Learning Skills Workshops

·         Life Skills Programme

·         Personality Development Programmes

·         Communication Skills Programmes

·         Group Discussion Practice

·         Entrepreneurship Development Programmes

·         Presentation Skills Programmes

·         Mock Interview Sessions

·         In Plant Training

·         Memory Techniques

·         Co-operative Learning Workshops

·         Conducting Industry Expert interaction sessions

·         Case studies for application to professional situations

·         In-house journal

·         Institute Lecture Series

·         Students Advisory Council

·         Vocational Training

·         Seminars on behavioral sciences


·         Interact with Industry and arrange for industry based Project-work.

·         Organize Career Guidance Programmes

·         Arrange placement canvassing by students course-co-coordinators to visit employer industries.

·         Arrange conduct of periodical Aptitude test for final year and pre-final year.

·         Arrange off-campus and campus recruitment process.

·         Communicate with employer industries furnishing profile of college and resume of students for the sake of placement.

·         Furnishing students’ data to Placement Consultants and Recruitment Agencies.