Rules and Desciplines

College Discipline & Regulations

·        Dress Code: All students must be properly dressed, which is a mark of respect to the august place of learning. Any violation will be considered as an act of indiscipline. Students will be advised about dress code for specific events from time-to-time.

·        Use of Mobile: Use of Mobile phones by students is strictly prohibited. If caught with activated mobile phone in class, the phone will be seized and the concerned student will be forwarded to the Principal/HOD.

·        Identity Card: Every student must carry his/her College Identity Card to the College. This must be prominently displayed on dress.

·        Prohibited Area: Entire college campus is a prohibited area for possession of weapons, drugs, liquor, spirit, cigarette, beedi, gutkha, tobacco, etc. in any form.

·        As per University rules, 75% attendance of all the classes held in the respective departments are binding on each student. Those who report sick or miss classes for any serious cause will have to report to the Heads of the Departments who will then decide in which academic manner the attendance is to be compensated. In all other cases of shortage of class attendance, the concerned students will not be allowed to fill up the University examination form.

·        General behavior of a student must be polite and courteous at all times. Arguments and demands with Canteen staff, vendors, staff, faculty, inside the campus should be avoided.

·        Any misconduct or misbehavior of a student shall attract intervention and action. Parents are especially requested to guide their wards so that they don't indulge in any physical violence.

·        Students are advised not to keep any valuables such as gold, silver, diamond ornaments, cash, etc. with them or in the hostel rooms. College is not responsible for any damage or theft.

·        No meetings are to be held inside the college campus without the Principal's consent.

·        Non-adherence of the given rules will attract disciplinary action to the extent of termination of studentship from the college.

Termination of Studentship

Termination of studentship without notice will happen in following case/s:

·        Stealing or indulging in malpractice in examinations or tests.

·        Sexual misconduct inside or outside the campus.

·        Found inside the campus intoxicated or after consumption of liquor/drugs.

·        Found smoking in the campus including inside the hostel rooms.

·        Wilful damage to college property.

·        Indulging in violence against anyone.

·        Not clearing the examination according to the rules.

·        Violent behavior/ assaulting others inside the campus.

·        In case a student continues to indulge in misconduct even after two cautions/warnings.

·        Allowing other students/persons to stay in hostel rooms.

Prevention of Ragging

Ragging is a criminal offence. Any student found guilty of ragging will face stringent action as per UGC and University guidelines.